Monday, 28 September 2015

All Me !

All Me!


  1. That's cool! maybe you could post more about yourself?

    1. Hi Ashley,
      I'm Aine I was thinking that we should start discussing what to name our learning hub groups and we should all get to know each other so I'll go first I'm Aine and i am 11 years old i live in Waterloo Ontario but I am from Lille France my favorite color is bright green! Anything anybody else would like to share? any ideas for out hub name

      Hope to hear from you soon!!!

  2. Hey guys,
    My name is Sadiq (also known as awesome). I'm really glad that you all are in my group 'cause you seem pretty cool.
    I like sports and in hockey I play goalie. I love to swim and play soccer as well. I love video games (of course). My fav cars are lamborghinis. My fav soccer player is Robben or Neymar (they are actually so sick) and I like Neuer too. Datsyuk is the best hockey player just look at the video I posted and you will agree. Carey Price is an awesome hockey goalie.
    Anyway that is pretty much me. Happy you're all in my group :-)
    The best kid in da world (Sadiq)

  3. Just kidding about that last thing, you guys are awesome as I am.