Monday, 25 January 2016

If the Ozone layer disappeared

If the ozone layer disappeared we will die from cancer due to the suns rays, but that is the least of our problems because the radiation would kill all the plants and animals and no one will be able to eat ,the radiation would make the water unsafe and we would be exposed to extreme levels of radiation.
So if the ozone layer disappeared we would die of starvation,thirst,cancer,extreme heat, and radiation poisoning not particularly in that order so....
that's why pollution's bad. 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Graphing Story: Height of Football and Building Project

  1. What skills did you need to do this project?
  2. How did the practice on the graphing stories website prepare you for these videos?
  3. What did you learn in the process of using graphing stories and creating your own graphing stories?

1. In order to complete this project we needed certain skills such as persistence and patience because our throws weren't always on point. This grew annoying as we had a limited amount of time.

2. The practice really helped us because it allowed us to form ideas for our story.

3. I learned that it's really hard to consistently have the same throw and catch every time.  

  1. What skills did you need to do this project?
  2. What were you trying to do that wouldn't work? What happened? How did that feel?
  3. Did you ever want to give up? If so, why didn't you?
1.Patience and Resilience due to our machine failing numerous times over more than a hour.

2. We were trying to make a video start on the computer it didn't work completely the pulley that pressed the button failed but we felt accomplished when everything else fell in to place  there was a sense of pride in knowing we made something.

3.We didn't want to give up because then we felt like we wasted time so we had this need to do it or else we would be discourage from future obstacles which we would not allow.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

 I have decided on Crafty Discord. How do you guys like this as a logo.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Group Name

Since some of us like sports as well as art but we all are not the same I propose we name our Group

Crafty Forward Discord

Discord meaning to disagree and is also a character in one of my favourite shows My Little Pony
Forward referencing sports and Datsyuks position.
and Crafty references Ashely's love of art.